Are you an eBayer? See how much you can save by outsourcing your storage and order fulfilment to


Need a hassle-free way alternative to self storage and distribution? Then the new SP Express Pick and Pack Service is for you!


• Managing your stock, online booking systems, picking and packing your orders and delivery your parcels..


• No storage overhead - we save you time and money.


• Fully managed bays from £39.00 per week


Using SP Express's storage and distribution services is economical, affordable and when you consider the costs of running even a small warehouse, especially when you take into account the health and safety requirements, depreciation, training and maintenance.


10 Benefits of' Pick And Pack Service


1. You stay in control, with flexible and secure warehousing without the increasing costs.

2. No more worries about expanding your business, or about reducing stock levels when sales are slow.

3. More time to focus on sales and business growth.

4. No more headaches managing your own warehousing space and staff.

5. No set up fees and no minimum quantities.

6. Get volume discounts from your suppliers without worrying where you’ll store the goods.

7. Cost-effective storage means you can offer customers competitive selling prices.

8. No more filling out carrier paperwork or waiting in Post Office queues - use the daily collections from our storage hub.

9. Save on postage costs with our discounted parcel deliveries.

10. Fast, reliable, worldwide courier services = more happy customers!


The following types of companies have already seen the benefits of using our Pick And Pack Service:


• Importers

• Sellers on eBay

• Parts Distributors

• E-commerce businesses

• Manufacturers

• Sales promotion companies.


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